Thoughts on Leadership

Battle of the Brothers; Sibling Rivalry

By Gino Blefari
President & CEO
Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.

In 10 days, the battle of the brothers will take place, not over the remote in the living room, not over the basketball in the backyard, but over a football in a stadium in front of over 151 million people on footballs biggest stage.  It’s a pretty remarkable moment for both Super Bowl teams to be coached by the same family; John Harbaugh coach of the Raven’s and his younger brother, by only 15 months, Jim Harbaugh coach of the 49ers.  The boys were so close, their father often referred to them as twins so it’s no surprise they both ended up following the same dream.  Leadership and success is not only in their blood, but in their DNA.

There’s actually a story that might explain some of this.  It’s about the brother’s childhood as kids of former longtime college coach Jack Harbaugh, back when their family never complained about constant moving (they actually moved 4 times before Jim left for college) or tiny, cramped homes.  Jack actually would get so energized while driving his kids around that he’d shout, “Who has it better than us?” Every time, Jim and John, along with their younger sister Julie would scream back, “Nobody!”

Jim has relayed this story to the Niners and it resonates with the 49ers so much that they chant “Nobody!” every time Harbaugh yells, “Who has it better than us?” after practices and games.

It’s that energy and passion that has been passed on from their father to them that has helped to motivate both the 49ers and the Ravens to make it this far.  That, combined with team’s focus on positives, helps create the perfect road to success.

Jim is very much a player’s coach.  Being a former player himself, he strives to have a relationship with his team, sitting down to chat with all of the players at one time or another, never putting the starters ahead of the practice team.   John sees the great players around him and gives them credit for their work.  Hardly will you see a quote from him touting his own success.  Instead, he puts it back on the team.  Both brothers know that the achievement of the team comes from the players themselves, not the coaches.  Such synergy and devotion to the game on both teams, it will be interesting to see what happens on game day.

To all the fans who will be watching the Super Bowl, when it comes to watching two great leaders in action on the biggest stage ever, who has it better than us?….Nobody!

About marilynsellshollisterrealestate

I am a native Californian born in Los Angeles and have resided in San Benito County since January 30, 1959. I attended the University of Southern California. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker, license #00409787, active for almost 45 years. I started my career in 1972 and still am totally committed to the highest level of service to my clients. I am currently associated with Intero Real Estate Services. I am Past President of the San Benito Association of Realtors, serving in the role on numerous occasions. I was a Director of the California Association of Realtors for over 18 years, having served on numerous committees. I also served 2 terms representing the California Association of Realtors at the National level, NAR. I am a certified SRES (Senior Real Estate specialist), since 2005. My community involvement has included membership in the Hollister Rotary Club, serving as their first woman President in 2002. In the late 1960's, I became a member of the El Torillo Chapter of Children's Home Society, and served as President, and was also President of the Tri-County Council of CHS, which is today Kinship Center, and I am currently a Senior Active. I am a member of the San Benito Chamber of Commerce. From 2002-2008, I served on the Board of the Hollister Downtown Association and was their President from 2006-2007, and still serve on sub-committees of this organization. And, I am currently serving my 3rd term on the Community Foundation. My record of performance and my reputation have made me who I am in the industry. I am a household name in San Benito County, when you think of Real Estate. My name is recognized not only in Hollister, but in our neighboring counties, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties. I have been involved in land development, marketed several subdivisions, sold ranches, commercial leasing, bank-owned properties, short sales and own a Property Management Company, Hollister Rental Properties, for more than 35 years. I am proud of my sales record and for the majority of my career I have been in the top 1% of major Real Estate Companies including Van Vleck Realtors, Cornish and Carey, Contempo, Seville-Contempo, Century 21, Coldwell Banker and finally Intero Real Estate services for the last 15 years. Using my skills in negotiating, mediation and transaction closure, during 2010 and 2011, I was involved with the City of Hollister's First Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program. The program was the City's Redevelopment Agency, under Bill Avera, with the assistance of CJ Valenzuela who was working with the County of San Benito. CHISPA, a non-profit, was responsible for restoring homes to equal to new condition that the City had taken back in foreclosure, or that they had acquired. When the homes were restored, we put them on the Multiple Listing Service and we went out and promoted the City's Down Payment Assistance Program. Buyers were screened and qualified by our preferred lenders. I facilitated workshops for First Time Buyers explaining the programs. I negotiated the contracts for the City of Hollister and with the Buyers. With this program, I closed 2 homes in 2010, and 4 homes in 2011. On a personal note, I am married to Richard Ferreira, a retired General Contractor/Developer. We have a combined family of six daughters, six grandsons and 3 granddaughters. We share commons interests in travel, movies, entertaining, and Richard has picked up my love of cooking. Our spare time is spent with family and enjoying our grandchildren.
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